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Original explorations and discoveries for personal interest, but documented enough to present here.

I came across some debate about whether the Trojan War described really fit the presumed location where archeologists say Troy was located. Apparently it has been debated even since ancient times. I actually took up the Iliad to see for myself, and found something interest - the strongest support for the Trojans were the "Lycians" and the river Scamander sometimes had the name Xanthos. But there was a Xanthos in Lycia (on the southwest side of today's Turkey) So it seemed to me that the compiler of the epic joined together two tales, one at the Hellespont and the other at Lycia. I theorized that the disrepancies observed about the Trojan War, arise because the epic poem actually describes the Lycian location. See my results - including maps.

Lycian Troy (3.4 mb)  (2010 original discovery that actual Trojan War occured in Ancient Lycia)

My second curiosity was inspired from encountering once again information suggesting the Odyssey contained legends from northern Europe. I discovered that ancient Roman historian in his Germania, mentions that there was a belief in Germania that Odysseus wandered in northern Europe. Notably, a large whirlpool, Charydis, can only have been the one at the south end of the Lofoten Islands of Norway. This plus other evidence DID seem to point to the Odyssey describing northern Europe to the north of Britain and the North Sea.

The Odyssey's Northern Origins and a Different Author than Homer (0.8 mb) (Further proof to a belief even in ancient times that Odysseus' adventures occurred in northern Europe)

Research and writing needs some purpose. While sometimes the result can be creating an article and publishing it as a pdf document, some research does not lend itself easily to a cold scholarly article. But I discovered that my research into the historic past could become the backdrop to a historic novel. But I cannot show incomplete novels on this website, so I can only present two instances of novels I have written that were preceded by a great deal of research.

Research into culture and events in the late Victorian Age in eastern Canada and America
I became fascinated how the developments in the late 1800's set the foundations for much of what we have today - oil lamp use lead to electric lamp use, horse drawn carriages lead to the way autos, taxi's etc were used, telegraphy and newspapers were the beginning of mass media, and let us not forget the steam engine and the railway building fever of the time.  So, I digested it all, and then wrote a novel into what I had discovered (without the reader realizing I was depicting the actual historic past.) Since most historic novels have only superficial ties to reality, this novel is much more true to the real past than a reader might think.

Abbi of the Wilderness  (a large novel, following the life of an orphan girl who appears to have Native origins, but is raised in the household of a Harvard educated railway construction civi engineer.

Research into the possible future of Climage Change
When discussions grew about Climate Change, I thought to upgrade my knowledge of the subject. When the Young Adult "Hunger Games" books and movies appeared, I was annoyed that it depicted a future that did not look like a true future, but it looked like North Korea moved a half century into the future, or a World War 2 scenario repeated with futuristic things. I was then surprised, when I looked into it, that nobody had written an honest novel about the future, where the greatest adversary was the Environment. So that lead me to resarch the more probable future by projecting all current trends, including resistance to accepting abandoning fossil fuels. To make it interesting for me, I imagined a story taking place 1000 years in the future. The damage of Climate Change has occurred. But since nobody wants to read a negative story, humankind has finally got its act together and taken initiatives (Green Lungs Initiatives) to draw down the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is the backdriop only. I place an adventure in that setting using the YA female heroine. In this future time, with weather being dominant in peoples lives the traditional Native deity of storms, Thunderbird, rules supreme. It is a short novel compared to Abbi, but I hope to continue it in Book Two and Three, all the while also having it a justification for research.

 Thunder Games Book One brings our heroine, Riia Greenthistle, into a tradition of aboriginal (Innat) youth competition for the prize of being declared Son or Daughter of Thunderbird.


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